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We accept a limited number of dogs for training so we can give each dog the quality of time they deserve. The program will be based on the owner's goals within the dog's abilities and trained six days a week.

Dogs, like people, are individuals therefore they each mature and learn at a different pace but the following is a general guide. It is best for dogs to be six months or older. Please review the training program below and call or e-mail with any questions.

Basic Obedience & Yard Work

Junior/Starter Level

  • Introduction: Simple Retrieving of Birds (land & water, guns, & socialization)
  • Basic Obedience (sit, here, heel)
  • Force Fetch
  • Collar Conditioning & Collar Fetch
  • Marking Drills
  • Intro to Simple Doubles

Transition Retriever Training

Senior/Seasoned & later Master/Finished Level

  • Force To Pile
  • 3 Handed Casting (Whistle Sit)
  • Baseball
  • Double T
  • Lining Drills
  • Pattern Blinds (Land & Water)
  • Swim-By & Water Force (Cheating Singles)
  • Pattern Blinds (Land & Water)
  • Multiple Marking Scenarios (Doubles, Triples, Quads)
  • Wagon Wheel & Other Drills for Handling on Blinds (Extremely good for hunting &/or Competition)
  • Steadiness Drills

Advanced Training

  • Advanced Pattern Marks & Blinds
  • Diversion & Poison Birds
  • Diversion & Poison Birds
  • Marks & Blinds Combined
  • Advanced Marking Drills (In-Lines, Wipers)
  • Advanced Blinds
  • Complicated Multiple Marks (Land & Water)
  • Blinds With Hazards & Poison Birds
  • Lots of Marks: 80% Singles & 20% Multiple Marks

Basic 4 Week Obedience Training Available for All Breeds

  • Heel
  • Here
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay

*Note: Since we are all fallible creatures, 2 free 1 hour refresher sessions upon completion of any of the above programs.

Emma has been trained to be both a great hunting dog and home companion
Georgio bounds through obstructions in the water to get to a fallen duck
Georgio proudly swims back with a duck

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