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Sadie passes an AKC hunt test, poses with ribbon and trainer Brian

In researching a trainer for our female Chesapeake Bay retriever we found that there were several options. We chose Brian Cooke with Wingsong Retrievers due to his passion for the sport, the love and care he gives to the dogs, and for his training methods. He makes sure to customize the training to match the dog's learning style to ensure success with each one.

We took Sadie to him after her 1st birthday and he started with the basic fundamentals then built on those with positive reinforcement. In only 5 Hunt Tests Sadie was able to achieve her JH title! Brian not only trains the dog but he also coached us so we would know how to continue his progress and get the maximum benefits of all his time spent.

At 2 years of age, Sadie was able to add an AKC Grand Championship to her Junior Hunter title. She is a happy, confident, and an obedient part of our family which allows us to enjoy her in every part of our life. Russ says she does everything he wants as a hunting dog for him.

Russ and Deb O.
Emporia, Kansas

Georgio with his owner after titling at a hunt test.

I am writing a very positive recommendation for Brian Cooke of Wingsong Retriever Kennels. Brian trained my English black Labrador retriever soon after I purchased Georgio from a life of the show circuit. Georgio was a 4 year old when he came into my life and Brian's able training methods. I was amazed with Brian's patience and love displayed while working with Georgio.

Brian prepared Georgio for his junior title in a very short period of time. Georgio nailed 4 tests in a row to achieve his Junior Hunter title. I know that Brian's even tempered patience was a perfect match for my dog. Brian's consistent and well organized style on a daily basis was what was needed for a 4 year old show dog that had retriever instincts but had never had a chance to exhibit what I consider a labs most important personality.

Brian was able to read Georgio's personality and temperament while creating a very obedient yet well adjusted dog and a happy part of our family life. I would not hesitate to have Brian train any retrievers that I may have in the future.

Dave M.
Golden, Colorado

Emma poses with several pheasants after a successful hunt

My husband and I were at two ends of the spectrum. He grew up with dogs, was comfortable with them and wanted a hunting dog. I didn't grow up with dogs, was uncertain of my ability to manage a dog and I wanted a well-trained, family dog. Brian listened carefully to our hopes for training Emma, our chocolate lab puppy. Brian proposed a training schedule that would meet all of our needs.

He is wonderfully skilled in working with dogsā€¦and their owners! He worked directly with Emma to train her to be a family and hunting dog but he also taught us techniques to develop her good manners and hunting ability. Brian's calm, easy manner was reassuring and we're delighted with the results. Whether we are at home with company, in a park or on a hunting trip, people are so impressed with Emma's social personality, good manners and hunting ability. And she hasn't been 'broken'. She's friendly, fun and confident.

In a matter of months, we achieved the results we hoped for and now, when we travel out of town, we board Emma with Brian because she is so comfortable with him. Plus Brian can fine-tune some of Emma's hunting skills while we are away. Brian is a treasure and we were lucky to find him!

Anne, Ron and Emma
Boulder, Colorado

George posing with his owner

In 2010 I asked Brian Cooke of Wingsong Labradors to train a 3 year old male Labrador named George for me to establish basic obedience and also some beginner level field training. George was an eager student and according to Brian, showed a good basic field instinct and love of birds. I had wanted to run him in the basic Labrador Working Certificate test in a month and Brian was pretty sure he could have him ready. After two weeks I received a call and Brian was excited when he informed me that he thought George had more potential and would love to take him farther than just the basic training.

With Brian's training techniques, knowledge, and understanding of the dog's personality and learning style he was able to compete with him in the AKC Hunt Test program. He earned his first Junior Hunter leg in just 5 weeks of training. George went on to finish his title with a pass in every test he was entered in. He ran with style and enthusiasm and with obvious devotion to his trainer Brian Cooke. Thank you Brian for a great job training with George.

Linda C
Elizabeth, Colorado

Autumn, a

After two years of dog shows I thought it was time to train my AKC Champion Chesapeake Bay retriever, Autumn, for field work. We attended a few of Brian's training clinics (Basic field training and Force Fetch) and trained for the Junior Hunter (JH) Hunt tests. Autumn passed four straight tests and an American Chesapeake Club Working Dog Test.

I turned her over to Brian who was able to get her trained and passed four straight Senior Hunter tests. Brian and Autumn have since gone on to pass three Master Hunter Tests. Autumn is a joy to hunt with and has exceeded my expectations in the AKC Hunt Tests. Autumn would not have achieved what she has without Brian's knowledge and patience.

Scott K.
Centennial, Colorado

Fisher poses with owner after passing a Senior Hunt Test

Fisher is a 3 year old male Grand Champion Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He spends a lot of time out on the dog show circuit so training with him has been limited. I trained and ran him for his Junior Hunter title with some help from Brian. He helped us through the force fetch and a few little issues. I sought Brian's help training him for Senior Hunter because of the limit amount of training time between dog shows and my limited experience.

Brian trained Fisher to handle and retrieve double and triple marks. His marking is now very good and he handles great. He is steady on the line and performs walkups well. He has passed one Senior Hunt Test so far. I intend to take some time off from the dog shows and finish his Senior Hunter Title soon.

He has been out on a few Pheasant hunts with me. He works 15 -23 yards out in front of me, and sits on the shot without a command till sent for the retrieve. The retrieving is very good. Credits to Brian's training methods and knowledge for Fisher's success in the hunt tests and the field.

Scott, K.
Centennial, Colorado

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